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Liveinkch is the live event division of Malaysia Music & Arts event company Solid Bricks (License No: 103903). Established in 2015, the passionate team of Liveinkch aim to bring an all-rounded event experience with world-class productions and unique concepts.

We specialize in concerts, music festivals and Artist promotion & bookings that focus on the universal market- we aim to be the most reliable event company catering to the versatile market segment in Sarawak. We believe there is much untapped potential in transforming Kuching into the event hub in the region. With experience in our core team, we believe that our knowledge, expertise and corporate approach are second to none. We are being recognized by our clients and the events industry as a highly efficient, reliable, good governance practices and trusted workforce.

Empowered by numerous vast working experiences and the expertise of its board of directors and management key personnel, the company strives to become one of the highly reputable and well-known management companies and services providers in Sarawak and Malaysia.